Friday, March 1

The rise of Bubble Boy

So I've been absent for the last few weeks, but for once it's because I have been really working my ass off! I reached mental twilight zones unattained since the student days and guzzled coffee like an insane person.
This is my entry for Festival International du cinema et la mer. I found that what I learnt from working at The Deli really helped me pull my project together, so I'm going to go through my process abit - it's pretty standard.

Firstly, after deciding on the story line, I made a story board. This helped me visualize how the action will play out as well as offering reference for how my scene will be framed once I start making elements.

Click for larger view

Then I made an animatic! I was not very good at this, because my timings did change when I started animating, but it's very useful in giving you a rough idea of how long your animation would be. I also gave this to my friend so he could start considering audio for the animation.

And here are some of my final boards!

And have a look at my final animation on vimeo!

I took on this project as an exercise to see just how productive I can be when I really push myself to find time for my personal projects. So no excuses now! It's the first animation I've made that's not work related since graduating, so I'm quite happy with it :)

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