Friday, March 30

Goin' Fishing

Alex and I are going fishing this weekend! This will be our 4th fishing related trip. Seeing as we seem to do this quite often, I have acquired my own fishing rod! We have yet to catch something proper, so my mildly hippie self has not yet had to face up to killing anything...So far fishing mainly involves getting drunk in the sun and eating vast amounts of biltong :D

Plus I'm not sure if anything from the river we'll be fishing at will be safe to eat, as it might be radio active. Ha! I sure know how to pick holiday places!

Anyways, this weekend trip is quite special as it is in celebration of our 3 year anniversary! Yay us!

Epic Sandwich

It was so delicious I was in sandwich heaven. The pastrami! Oh my God. There's a very real possibility that I might ditch my dream of making cupcakes as a little old lady and make sandwiches instead, as a little old lady.

Monday, March 19

Success in jellyland!

I decided to make some rainbow jelly shots for a braai/party a few weekends ago, I was abit nervous (so much so that I started 2 days in advance ha!) it tends to be quite tricky, the whole jelly to alcohol ration thing, so I'm really happy with the results!

Layer one - its holding! Success!

More success! Everything's jellofied!

Its turned out to be more jamaican jelly instead of rainbow jelly - jelly colours are in fact quite limited. the white layer is condense milk jelly :D good alcohol to taste to texture ratio, yum!

In my search for a rainbow jelly recipe online, I found this awesome website.

Friday, March 16

Look at what I made!

Semi decent curry! My mission to make curry that remotely tastes as good as Alex' mince curry is yeilding results! This is atleast in the same ball park, like in the back row spectator stands behind a pillar in the ball park, but like I said, semi decent :D I'm almost tempted to have seconds...

Ps. It's not because my curry tastes bad, it's just because Alex is genetically superior (in that he's Indian) to make delicious curry that its hard to measure up when you know what the best tastes like...

Thursday, March 8

I have discovered something...

Observe these pictures below (taken at the neighbour goods market):

This is a goliath man we found. He was friendly.

But back to what these photos point towards...I have a drunk face! Crazy happy drunk face!

Oh and this beer is really nice :D and also very gangster. I like it.

What one finds when they follow hipster white people...

I met a friend there for breakfast last Saturday. All I can say is:

(and you can actually for free if you're discreet about it, there's so many samples.)

these cupcakes were indescribably good! A bit pricey (R25 for one!) but almost worth it, I can only justify buying one at a time...

Paella! I didn't have any but I hung around there long enough to know its good...

Recycling! And being used properly for once...

Even the pot planters there were nice and designy...

This picture reminds me a bit of why Alex sometimes shakes his head and call me a "special child". The poster had shiny glitter bits ok! I'm drawn to textured print stuff!

Joburg you are pretty this morning

Saturday, March 3

Kawaii Bunny

I have a fascination with Japanese fashion and their kawaii ("cute") culture. Observe this example of kawaiidom:


Here's a work progression thingy, but this drawing took super long! Well, it felt super long but probably not so with an hour slotted in here and there when I don't feel drained creatively. Anyways, there's still parts of it bothering me (like too over worked or something bleh), but I'm now sick of it - I pronouce you done bunny thing!
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