Monday, November 21

Potjiekos is deeeelicious!

I may have just had the most relaxing Sunday ever. We made potjie and pot brood (bread made in a flat bottomed potjie pot) which I had never done before. It was wonderful! I loved it, not only did it turn out great (slow cooked for an hour and a half, the meat was falling apart), it was just nice hanging out with friends while you do a worthwhile activity together where alcohol wasn't the main focus (we did drink still, but we took it easy :D ).

Monday, November 14

Weekend drawing

I decided to not do any of the work (take home work from the office) I was supposed to do this weekend and did some drawing instead - weee! I haven't drawn is so long!

 First, a giant shedding monster who stalks you in the night...

Then some kawaii girls from egg magazine (I'm not sure where I got the March issue from, but you can look here - you get the idea, its Japanese kawaii culture on acid). I liked their poses.

Thursday, November 10

green tea drinking

I've been feeling very unenergetic and demotivated this week, mainly because (I think) I haven't been able to go to yoga for like 2 weeks now because of work related work, but then I'm too demotivated to make any real headway with the work I bring home etc...a vicious cycle! So, today I'm trying something different. Green tea is one of those things everyone says you should drink (like putting on sun screen - which I'm doing too! aha!) And look at the cute lil' tea string holder man Tarryn got from Korea!

Thursday, November 3

Baked fish attempt 1

I got a random piece of fish from my Dad (every time I go visit they tend to give me food - like eggs and tomatoes...I think they worry that I don't eat well, but must have acknowledged some part of my maturity seeing as now they give me raw things and not whole cooked meals...) Anyways, I've never cooked fish before (that's not in fish cake form) so off to the internet I went and found a Jamie Oliver recipe -look at how delicious it looks! But it was not tasty at all...the fish was too fishy (in future I must just add ginger to all fish meals)...I think it would have been alright if you used hake or something, just never use stumpnose...the tomato sauce and rice was really good though ^_^

The Delibot lives!

We painted a mural outside our office last week (check out the making of here). Hopefully now people will actually know where we are, because no one sees an unassuming silver door (can our old sign be any smaller?) on Jan Smuts... I'm so going to paint on the walls of my house (at least on the inside) when I own my own place, I think murals are just lovely.

Wednesday, November 2

doodles for charity

These are my submissions for the 1000 drawings fund raising thingy - the event is going to be next week (10 Nov). If I can get my budget in order perhaps I can go and score me some cheap art! I want to do more of those patterned paintings - the first pic is my first attempt - I didn't get the silhouette quite right, its a bit funny in places, but I like the effect ^_^
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