Monday, April 2

The off road Atos

Dun dun nuh, dun dun nuh...(Indiana Jones sound track)

We did our own mini Long Way Down trying to get to the river for fishing. We love the idea of a traveling adventure. I was so amped to make a ramp out of mud or chop down some branches to put in these massive puddles so my poor tiny city car can get through. But it never came to that, mainly because of Alex' driving prowess and the piddly is surprisingly ok driving off road. I'm so impressed by my little tin can with marie biscuit wheels!


Saturday morning view from our wooden cabin. It rained (I think stormed of epic proportions, but I was asleep) Friday night, hence all the beautiful clouds and a fallen over dustbin.

We were fishing not far from this sign, but (I think) it was on a fence that applied to said private property...

Look how beautiful!


The Piddly in paradise...

But in reality, without awesome sky reflections, the water was more like this... also had big logs and debris floating in it on account of the massive storm, so fishing didn't really happen... Our status as fisherman/woman has yet to be proven

On our way out on Sunday we stopped by the Ale house where the owner brewed his own ale and made fantastic pizza (though we had to wait 2 hours for ours, which led us to drink a lot more ale than intended...)

Whale tail ale ^_^

I would definitely stay at Houtbosdorp again, mainly because it is so suitable for the budget traveler. The owners are really friendly and accommodating (albeit bad with directions, take GPS!). Just be prepared for quite a bit of dirt road getting there, and a communal bathroom and kitchen. There is also a chicken that starts making noise at 4am :D Of course for R150 pppn you can't expect a memory foam mattress, but all the basics are there.
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