Thursday, February 23

The internet! She works again!

Lookit, it was in reality a very simple problem to fix. But all the people I had to speak to before I found someone who had some sense. I don't feel like I over reacted (I was very curt - aka barely hidden rage at the MTN store on Saturday) but seriously, if you are selling a product that essentially a plug and use device, you should atleast have a website/manual where people can see what all the correct settings look like!

The problem turned out to be that my moden changed itself to using the 2G network (Instead of 3G), see in the bottom left where it says "WCDMA", it was saying "EDGE". If that's your problem too, simply make sure its set to RAS on your setup, and under "network" change it to "WCDMA only", mine was previously "WCDMA prefered" (God knows why they would have an option that gives you an unusable internet connection). And that's it!

Wednesday, February 22


Its too early and I'm not functioning well enough to think of a relevant post title. My MTN internet SUUUUCKS! (please google tag "MTN internet sucks big hairy balls that move slower than a one legged behemoth" so the world will know)Its worse than dial up slow that sometimes it gives up loading a webpage. This post took 2 attempts and around an hour....I was going to attempt to cancel my internet, figuring its a signal problem because of where I stay, but it seems that the word on the bloggosphere (well, 1 blog, 30mins later) is that its just the whole of MTN fucking up...sigh* more fun times holding for customer service...

Oh right, here are some drawings - I rediscovered my ink pots again and am practicing some free hand (without pencil marks first! Very brave...) drawing.

Friday, February 17

Butternut adventure!

First time planting butternut, the ones that survived some random person stepping on them (for days! Every damn day one seedling would get squashed, still don't know who it was...)and a tree felling began to bear fruit :D

Harvest time! Most I gave away...

Until only 2 was left...

To make soup!


It was mixed veg soup - and the reason why its that colour was because of the purple carrots I put in it....its delicious though (even though its a poo colour)

Wednesday, February 15

A lurv day...

Some hearty related pictures for valentine's day! (I made semi successful cookies for Alex) Though in reality we spent an ungodly amount of time trying to remove poop guts from millions of tiny shrimp for our valentine's stay in supper - we thought the shrimp was good value for money (compared to prawns), but now we know... So no conventional romantic candle lit times for us! Nothing like bonding times with shrimp guts clinging to your hands, now that's a real test to a relationship ^_^ The birdie and heart are the beginnings of an awesome garland type sewing project! :D

Monday, February 13


Not really one for self photography...I'm still waiting for my inner chinese photomaniac to blossom...But look at my Sunday outfit! There's a trend of all colours of the rainbow shorts right now (ahh I can't help myself! I should get a pair to match every nail polish colour I have!) I'll be a smartie box :D

Sweater: Center point Muscat, tshirt: Mr Price, awesome fanta grape shorts: Jay Jays, lumo green nail polish: Hatfield flea market, lumo orange nail polish: Kangol

Friday, February 10

Lunch :D

Haha sushi ranks as one of my favouritest foods ever :)))))) (please note the simlely of many smiles is reserved only for times of extreme happiness)

Little signs for my plant babies

I'm so happy my herb garden is sprouting! And I think this is a innovative use (if I do say so myself) for plastic trays/containers! Ha! I feel like a smarty crafty bum!

Evening time...

Our forlorn mielie forest...all eaten away by our booming rat population (probably thanks to us)

Doesn't this look like a cool children's book wolf?

Thursday, February 9


I had this for breakfast!

 And later at work...
This happens ALL THE TIME... (the seeing mistakes thing, I'm not always late for deadlines...)

Curse you MTN!

I hate you (and I haven't even moved to you yet - because you suck and can't get my contract details right - also I had to stand in your chairless shop for 30mins for nothing).

Wednesday, February 8

Signs of maturity...

I bought a vacuum! And expressing my joy for the acquisition of this most house wifey device in the most childishly enthusiastic way :D

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