Saturday, December 25

Christmas tree hangings?

Merry Christmas! Not much of a practitioner, but I am extremely thankful for some blessed rest. This gave me inspiration to make these somewhat macabre lil guys (I think they're cute despite their um, deadness). Happy holidays all! 

Friday, December 3

little guardian

 This lil guy was on my headboard yesterday morning.
Needless to say, I put him outside in the veggie patch. The greenery suits him. 

Thursday, December 2

Some guinea pig doodles

From left to right: Tiramisu, Poe, Sylbie (who is the mother of the other two)

While we are on the subject of guinea are some drawings of mine.

guinea pig cozy

 Made this last weekend after being inspired by all the cuteness on guinea pig cages
Here Tiramisu is demonstrating its appropriate use - I was trying to tempt her with a piece of cucumber, but she didn't want to pose today.
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