Monday, January 27

Australia! Land of...

I indulged my wanderlust and was in Australia this past Christmas holiday :) I was mainly there for my friend's wedding, so I took the opportunity to travel the's some snap shots of what I got up to, I'll try keep it concise. Oh, and I was solo tripping (being brave!), hence it's all scenery.

Beautiful sunset and the Opera House (from every angle! In Sydney there's no getting away from it!)

Weird flavour combo... I was curious about what this would taste like, and also it was fun to say!

Kookaburra! They are stocky little birds that made monkey noises! What's there not to like?!

Hehehehe. Some one must be making a joke. There's also a place called Woollomooloo and a suburb called Manly because apparently when the sailors fist landed there they found a tribe living there who were manly. I kid you not.

Koala, they look quite strange in real life. Seeing koalas and kangaroos up close made me realize that they really evolved separate from the rest of the world. Their faces are quite unlike any other mammals I've seen. Did you know koalas have 2 thumbs?

Birds that looked like tree bark!

I went for a walk in Canberra and encountered wild kangaroos! See them all looking at me intently? I was scared of some form of kangaroo stampede!

 I totally geeked out and went to tons of museums, these are some of my favorites...

Eeeeee! (insert much excited arm waving*) Their collection is amazing! Total dream for art students, works by famous artists ranging from impressionism, surrealism to abstract expressionism. There was Monet, Duchamp and Jackson Pollock! All the artists I studied and love! Erm, I sneaked some photos...

Miro! I am such a fan!

This is so playful! Lichtenstein also made a series of hay stacks at different times of the day in his comic style based on the haystack studies Monet made. I love the cross pollination of art :)

Holy crapamo! Its Chuck Close! This painting was huge, those railings come up to my thigh. When you are up close you can see every single pore and hair. I stand in open mouthed awe.

There was a sculpture garden outside - this is Rodin's Burghers of Calais!

Mysterious chrome cone things in the forest glade?

Heads in a pond :D oh modern art, you are so eccentric.

I also went to Melbourne, this was the forest on Mt Dandenong Sky High. It was beautiful, I have never been amongst such immense trees before.

I was with a family friend, we went cherry picking! The sweetest cherries ever! I totally stuffed my face.

On my last day I went to the Australia museum in Sydney. This place is so amazing it needs it's own post, but I'll show you some funny photos for now :)

Behold! The Demon Duck of Doom! Oh dear lord, I die of laughter ^_^ This is apparently some giant prehistoric duck that once roamed the land.

Heehee, square poop!

There was a dinosaur exhibit there, where I found these guys...

They had such funny poses!

I also went up the tower eye, you can see it's shadow here. This is Hyde park in town. Sydney has the best parks and botanical gardens.

So that concludes my Aus trip. All in all I really enjoyed Australia and traveling alone has been a refreshingly new experience. oh hey, I also went by China before returning home, so more travel photo spamming in the upcoming post!

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