Friday, March 18

Guinea fairies

Yes they are real, they nibble on your ear wax and poop out fairy dust...

Saturday, March 5

Goodies from Design Indaba

From left to right:

felt cupcake (so cute!)
do-it-yourself felt cupcake (its a chocolate cupcake :)
Baby Qee do-it-yourself custom toy (many WIP pics to follow!)
mo hair knee high stockings - so warm n lacy!

Happy Saturday!

One of my favorite things to do is to spend time making delicious breakfast!

Thursday, March 3

Design Indaba 2011!

click to view bigger

My company is awesome! I went to Design Indaba! Here are my conference notes on all the speaker peoples :) read from right to left because I drew on the back of the program book thingy...
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