Sunday, January 23

Macaroons and paintball!

Through the awesome foodies at my work, I discovered this wonderful Lindt chocolate shop that had these amazing macaroons! That is now my new favorite place :) and of course, the weekend was rounded off nicely with lots of crawling and running (away, in my case). It was really fun, but after been hit a few times (I'd never played paintball before) I was determined to not get anymore booboos so I don't think I was a very proactive team member...

Thursday, January 20


Giaaaak! I have been super busy, just as I'm getting back on the full time work schedule, zinng bang! Freelance avalanch of packaging that needs to be designed! I hate it when the loveliness that I do gets too much, then I have to slog through it, which is considerably less fun than skipping with bubbles outside (what I'd rather be doing).

There's been lots of projects I've been wanting to put up, if only I can get to finish them! So will post soon as I claw my way to the weekend...

Saturday, January 8

Coffee Bay

 Our first camp site (we moved our tent 3 times during our stay, trying to avoid the flooding)
 Then we invaded a class room at the local school!
 The white car is mine (I was so glad we didn't get stuck in the mud). The cluster of trees behind it is where we were camping (the swamp).
 Ok, despite all my bitching, coffee bay was a beautiful place (we didn't take any pictures of the horrible mud so there's no proof!gaaaak!)
 See that lil speck on the hill? That's a person...what a view!
Heehee :)

Monday, January 3


Survived 4 days in God awful mud scum with all kinds of bugs that liked human flesh. It's gonna be a long long time before I consider camping again. Dont ever ever go to Coffee bay on the wild coast of South Africa and don't ever go to Bomvu Backpackers!
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