Friday, August 26

Illustration UnFriday : aeronautical rodents

I really didn't get to the Illustration Friday word "influence" this week, it was a bit of a meh word which didn't really make me think of any thing specific. I did draw this lil guy on one of my commuting journeys! Another pioneering aeronautical rodent, this time a little mouse dude who has harnessed the floaty power of bubbles!

Tuesday, August 16

Illustration Friday : Swell

A drawing I made a few years back when I was in my first year university. I thought it fitted this week's topic well. This was inspired by "Play crack the sky" by Brand New - there's a part of the song where he sings about "100 foot faces of God's good ocean gone wrong..." Its a beautiful song, have a listen here.

Thursday, August 11

Illustration Friday : Imperfect

Ike has a manufacturer's fault, as a bird holder he is absolutely useless as some one neglected to install a gate for his cage head, but he's happier than any robot will ever be.

Coloured pencils (which I haven't used in so long!) and pen.

Wednesday, August 10

Candy Shoot Day 5 : Numbers!

Ok I may have skipped a few days, because stop motion animation is a very tedious and laborious task prone to take up lots of hours...But look! Aren't they preeety?

Candy Shoot Day 4 : Test animation

Finally get to make some numbers! Well, it just me or do those funny race car gummy sweets look like penises from far away? They were delicious though...


I survived! It was super fun, though I must strategically plan my alcohol consumption next time to maintain the "happy medium". The last picture collage was taken on top of the koppi (meaning hill in Afrikaans - yes there is indeed a koppi at Oppikoppi), do you see the vast expanse of campsites beyond the main stage? Wow!

Thursday, August 4

Illustration Friday : Obsession

Aah the noble guinea pig, the only animal to have no other talents except to be choke your face cute. I have 3 and like a piggy mom of sorts, I worry irrationally about them : what if the kitchen somehow catches on fire and they cant get out? What if they accidentally eat bugs? What if an eagle (note: a eagle, not anything more common place like a cat or a rat...) swoops down and carries one of them away when I'm not looking? And all the while they are just getting fat...which I worry about too, while stuffing their faces with food (what can you do? their faces are always hungry!)

Pen and watercolour with some editing in photoshop. Please click on image for larger view.


Woohahahaha I'm super excited for the Oppikoppi festival (a music festival in the African bush veld) this weekend. We are leaving tomorrow for 3 days of dust, camping, porta loos (not looking forward to that, but I did make lots of friends there last time because I had wet wipes) and awesome live bands/SA rock scene.

Tuesday, August 2

Out with the old, in with the awesome!

I went to check out the Capitec bank swapping mall initiative last Saturday with unused posessions in hand and returned with a bountiful booty! From left to right: red woolly poncho, pink and turquoise skirt, peacock feather cusion, white beret, vintagey coasters, cupcake timer, and an awesome organizer box thing!

Monday, August 1

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