Thursday, August 4

Illustration Friday : Obsession

Aah the noble guinea pig, the only animal to have no other talents except to be choke your face cute. I have 3 and like a piggy mom of sorts, I worry irrationally about them : what if the kitchen somehow catches on fire and they cant get out? What if they accidentally eat bugs? What if an eagle (note: a eagle, not anything more common place like a cat or a rat...) swoops down and carries one of them away when I'm not looking? And all the while they are just getting fat...which I worry about too, while stuffing their faces with food (what can you do? their faces are always hungry!)

Pen and watercolour with some editing in photoshop. Please click on image for larger view.


  1. That is one happy doodle - I'm imagining how an eagle might get into your kitchen - perhaps a modernized version of the seven goat kids and the hungry wolf down the street who ate chalk to make himself sound like their mother?

  2. Ooh wasn't too familiar with that story, but I am now enlightened! Haha there's a good illustration in there somewhere :) You cross hatching skills are most awesome!


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