Monday, September 26

Weekend activities

Shoe! Weekend was crammed full of stuff! I really had a great time though, because usually I freak out trying to please everyone, but this weekend I just did the things that I wanted to do and friends showed up :) and of course I made Alex make lamingtons with me late at night/early in the morning (yes it was so complex we had to split it into 2 parts) - note the beer in every lamington shot (on weekends we have beer for breakfast because we can). Also I went to my first proper wedding - hee! My boss Frank is married!

Thursday, September 22

Things I will cook this weekend...

This is my recipe sheet in preparation for National Braai (barbeque) Day here in South Africa. I think it is a good time to raise our braaing skills - no more drunken munching on burnt boerewors and raw chicken for this girl! We will have a braai that is inclusive for all food groups! and marinade shall be used!

Dikhololo lessons : How to have a beer slushy

Left your beer in the freezer over night because you were impatient to make them cold but then got too drunk (after the first 2) to take the rest out? Never fear, as you have just created beer slushy!
Note: Beer slushies foam A LOT and never attempt to drink the foam as it has ice bits in it that you have to chew and its kind of gross - as Alex found out.

 Here's how to make your frozen beer edible and even enjoyable :
Step 1: Cut beer can open with a knife, try not to get can tin filings in it...

Step 2: Pour beer ice into a glass - preferably a non glass glass so you are covered should your motor functions be impaired later on because you are drinking in the sun...

Step 3: Find a tea spoon (normal spoons are too big, and the slushy will freeze your mouth off) and ingest!

Dikhololo holiday!

 We went away for the weekend to Dikhololo - by Brits. Hee such fun :)

We made our signature punch - which is now also known as diarrhea juice...

 Awsome photo by Alex - we went game driving.

And we did lots of super tubing - after much experimentation we found out that if you lie down and twirl yourself like a vortex, you go super fast!

Friday, September 16

Motivational quote!

I saw this nice quote today via Laura Berger's blog. It made me think of my friend Melanie who went off to Australia to pursue her dream of working on movies and what not involving operating a complex program called flame and writing code and explosions and other such glamorous and complicated stuff. I miss my friend, she's cooky and wildly funny in a morbid way, like Wednesday mixed with a kitten, so this is for her :)

Wednesday, September 14

Vladimir Putin : Action Man

Linkdin sent me this link today, I loved how the article paints him as some kind of action hero - oh the blatant propaganda! Well maybe he does enjoy all of those things, but the idea of an ex Russian president running around arm wrestling etc is still amusing. The photos also made me think of this blog called Kim Jung Il looking at things which made me have a good chuckle. So here's my rendition of "Vladimir Putin darting whales..."

Tuesday, September 13

Illustration Friday: Boundaries

Boundaries made me think of primary school when the girls and boys had to share a desk and how we'd divide our desk down the middle and neither must cross into the other's half of the desk...I think I was super anal about elbow space or something.

Mid Autumn Festival

Yay I love Mid Autumn Festival and moon cakes! This is a traditional Chinese festival in Autumn when the moon is at its fullest (usually mid Aug to mid Sept). It is customary to eat moon cakes at this time - we tried
out these Taiwanese moon cakes this year (they have pineapple and sour berry flavoured filling instead of the more traditional bean paste filling). They are pretty and delicious! There are many Chinese myths and customs surrounding the moon, so I made an explanatory doodle to help explain ^_^

Monday, September 12

Real doodles

I recently spoiled myself with some moleskin sketch books (damn you Herbert Evans and your annual sale that make things seem like they are really cheap but not!) Unfortunately they were not blank pages as I expected, but I love them nonetheless. So here's some doodling from home, work, on the train and at the boyfriend's flat....

Friday, September 9

PB & Jay

I got very happy making peanut butter and jam on toast one morning and this is the result of some early morning musings on an empty stomach.

Wednesday, September 7

Tuesday, September 6

Belated Illustration Friday : Disguise

Ok I may have fallen off the IF train abit... I tried something more abstract and designy this time :)

cookie stories

Me and Alex made cookies on Saturday, we were like little kids (well more than usual) with play dough! Looks like we have a talent for designer cookie making :) now we just have to work on the taste...I think what we did was accidentally make pie pastry in cool shapes.

The most expensive beer in SA...

What's that, R18? Ok, I graciously hand over a R50 and smile - No, R80! EIGHT ZERO! Oh my soul....ok, it was for 2 beers, but still, R40 a beer?! But I love this beer so much (just had the good fortune to have other people pay for me up until now...) Eek! So of course we had to take the bottles as mementos, and now they are also the most expensive bottles I own....I shall squeeze every last drop of use out of them to make up! I found out last night that they are sold at a bottle store for like R18 each by where Stuart (My roomie Tarryn's bf) works - curses! But now I can look forward to comming home to a 6 pack of these babies :)

I'm in an exhibition nahnahnahnah....

Last Friday was opening night for a photo exhibition at Wolves (that place is so pretty I want to live there, plus they have cake and beer - two of my most favorite things). Look it is sooo pretty! Aaaaah! It was an exhibition open for public submission (film photos) and one of my submissions got picked - its the black and white pic with a black frame in the last photo (click to see bigger).
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