Thursday, June 30

Guinea costume party!

Rough sketches of an idea I have... AAAH I know they're silly but they are so darn cute! Cuteness rule the world!

Tuesday, June 21

a scampy smush for upcomming project

And from this primordial arty mush a new breed of awesome shall arise! I have a grand vision of a lacey cup cake fungi forest...

Monday, June 20

The plant hoarding begins!

I painted a terracotta pot for my friend (and roomie!Yay!) 's birthday present - the orchid is also part of the present (double the prettiness). I really enjoyed doing some painting crafty thing for a change:) n the best thing is now I also get to enjoy it in the lounge- mwhahaha!

Thursday, June 2

Fun in the sun

Guineas first day out at the new flat :)

Good enough to eat

Sewed this awhile ago, (my cupcake pattern from Design indaba!). Now onto more ambitious felt projects featuring yet more inert objects whose sole purpose is to take up space on my desk... Like these! 
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