Friday, September 28

Illustration Friday : Crooked

I'm still on my ink blob phase inspired by Gabrielle Rose (draw, Gabby, draw! and Gabcollab) - she made a video on how to make paint blobs! Urh, disarmingly simple, but I've always been afraid to put so much water on my paper so this gave me the courage to try something new!
Anyways, I wished my bonsai had its own little caretaker...

Tuesday, September 18

Blob #4

I'm really into these abstract blob things! Its like a form of automatic drawing.

New blog header!

The blog is getting a make over! I've realized its become quite messy looking with different drawing styles and weirdly shaped links... So slowly going through and standardizing everything to some form of theme/colour scheme...

I found quite a helpful website for editing your HTML for customizing you blog (specifically on Blogger). It helped me make my header bigger! Though now it's not going to display properly on smaller screens - strictly speaking, your blog should be only 800 pixels wide, to accommodate the older screens with 800 x 600 aspect ratio - but 800 pixels is tiny! Its a bit of a headache, I'll probably fiddle with it more later... 

Monday, September 17


I spent an hour last weekend throwing a boomerang around (very unsuccessfully). I can't throw. My coordination is so bad that I'm still failing after Alex showed me how to do it multiple times. Um, I guess try, try again? I was never great at sports, but enthusiasm conquers all!

Friday, September 7

So much for Spring/Sping time...

Urh, yes, recall how I was tooting on about the warmer weather a few days ago...Well, nature has since dealt us a harsh blow! The drama! The tragedy! First it rained... (and I thought, ok, it's making it gloomy and cold, but the plants will enjoy this!) Then it hailed! Massive giant hail balls that I thought might break a window! And of course this happened in the wee hours of the morning so I was in dream land and couldn't save my poor plants...Oh dear...

Wednesday, September 5

Trials of everyday life 02

Monday trials! After an early morning of connecting with my higher self at yoga class, I desperately needed a caffiene boost to tackle my day. But after throwing some really gross burnt KCF coffee down the drain and possibly making myself sick obliviously drinking tea made with very questionable milk, I finally missioned across the road to buy milk. On the way back, this is what my crossed my caffiene deprived mind...

Tuesday, September 4

Sping time!

I finally cleaned up my balcony this past weekend! There is now space to walk! I also planted some carrots, radishes (a recent discovery and now firm favourite), lettuce and bright orange poppies. I find it very convenient to have vegetables growing so near at hand, and have greatly enjoyed my parsely and basil already established on the balcony. I've had varying success planting vegetables, but hopefully the warmer weather will help.

If you have a bit of a green thumb (or a wanna be green thumb like me), you'll enjoy this.

Monday, September 3

Pasta a la Norma

I drew this picture imagining this playing in the background ^_^ I used to struggle with cooking aubergine, I like them, but couldn't find a vegetarian recipe that was...tasty enough? I always associated them with the taste of salty fish - that is what my Mom mostly made aubergines with - yes if you are a meat eater, try this recipe! (I think you can potentially substitute salted fish with some fish sauce). But I have finally found a great vegetarian recipe! Pasta a la Norma is super delicious! I think the trick is lots of garlic and giant handfuls of basil. Yum...
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