Thursday, September 26

The mighty pomelo!

I first discovered this fruit on the streets of Cyrildene (China town in Johannesburg). Their massive size intrigued me, so I bought one even though the man tasked to sell it wouldn't tell me what they were. After describing it to my parents over the phone I have a name! We call it "you zi".

More recently I have seen pomelos (thanks for the name shop signage!) popping up in all my local grocery shops - I like them, though I can only eat about a quarter at one time. It's wonderfully aromatic, a good balance between refreshingly tart and sweet citrus flavours! You can use them in salads and savory dishes too (kind of like your pomegranates, mangoes and peaches - hooray fruit!).

Thursday, September 19

Beard love

Weee I'm baaaaack! I went through some not so great times and temporarily abandoned my blog. But now I'm better and filled with springy positivity! I'm looking forward to early morning runs (without freezing my lungs), refreshing homemade smoothies, seeing sprouting greenery and mulberry season! I also love the longer hours of sunlight, my internal clock is strictly set to diurnal - travelling to and from work in darkness is not cool! My only trepidation with the warmer weather is the increase in the mosquito population - but upon discovering this nifty mosquito trap ( I feel like the odds have tipped in my favor! (I'll let you know how that goes...).

Anyway, I made this beard related comic recently. I'm totally envious of beards, if I could grow one I would rock a fu manchu beard for it's satisfactory stroking length whilst pondering (the primary use of a beard in my opinion).

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