Thursday, September 22

Dikhololo lessons : How to have a beer slushy

Left your beer in the freezer over night because you were impatient to make them cold but then got too drunk (after the first 2) to take the rest out? Never fear, as you have just created beer slushy!
Note: Beer slushies foam A LOT and never attempt to drink the foam as it has ice bits in it that you have to chew and its kind of gross - as Alex found out.

 Here's how to make your frozen beer edible and even enjoyable :
Step 1: Cut beer can open with a knife, try not to get can tin filings in it...

Step 2: Pour beer ice into a glass - preferably a non glass glass so you are covered should your motor functions be impaired later on because you are drinking in the sun...

Step 3: Find a tea spoon (normal spoons are too big, and the slushy will freeze your mouth off) and ingest!

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