Thursday, February 23

The internet! She works again!

Lookit, it was in reality a very simple problem to fix. But all the people I had to speak to before I found someone who had some sense. I don't feel like I over reacted (I was very curt - aka barely hidden rage at the MTN store on Saturday) but seriously, if you are selling a product that essentially a plug and use device, you should atleast have a website/manual where people can see what all the correct settings look like!

The problem turned out to be that my moden changed itself to using the 2G network (Instead of 3G), see in the bottom left where it says "WCDMA", it was saying "EDGE". If that's your problem too, simply make sure its set to RAS on your setup, and under "network" change it to "WCDMA only", mine was previously "WCDMA prefered" (God knows why they would have an option that gives you an unusable internet connection). And that's it!

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