Wednesday, February 22


Its too early and I'm not functioning well enough to think of a relevant post title. My MTN internet SUUUUCKS! (please google tag "MTN internet sucks big hairy balls that move slower than a one legged behemoth" so the world will know)Its worse than dial up slow that sometimes it gives up loading a webpage. This post took 2 attempts and around an hour....I was going to attempt to cancel my internet, figuring its a signal problem because of where I stay, but it seems that the word on the bloggosphere (well, 1 blog, 30mins later) is that its just the whole of MTN fucking up...sigh* more fun times holding for customer service...

Oh right, here are some drawings - I rediscovered my ink pots again and am practicing some free hand (without pencil marks first! Very brave...) drawing.

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