Thursday, February 14

Love is...

...waking up at 5am to make cookies for Alex. I was too gatvol last night to make them, plus we were meant to have a scheduled power outage sometime after 10 pm so the possibility of  the oven dying with half baked cookies inside just stressed me out (the power ended up staying on for all the hours I was awake though, curse you! I procrastinated for no reason!)

I found the recipe for these cookies here. They are indeed easy to make! Just take them out after 10 mins (unlike me) even if they feel spongy in the middle - they will harden as they cool. They hold their shape quite well, just don't make any indented patterns on them (hearts in my case) because those will disappear. But the raised little hearts I made with left over pastry came out really nicely :) Next time I would make it with less sugar, especially if you are going to use icing as well. You could probably add all sorts of awesome things to the basic chocolate cookie dough - almond flakes, coconut, orange rind?! Nonetheless, these cookies are much better than the ones I made last year, heehee I'm improving!

Happy love day :) I totally ate 4 "reject" ones for breakfast, and showering everything with colourful sprinkles made me very happy :) bake these cookies! They make everything better!

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