Wednesday, January 23

Vic Falls Overlander Trip Part 3

For day 2's mission, we decided to join Daniel (one of the friends we made on the trip!) to walk to Zambia and look at Vic Falls from that side. I was super paranoid upon discovering how close we were to Zambia that I made us get yellow fever vaccines before we left, even though its not mandatory for Zimbabwe. Anywho, this just meant we were safe to go to Zambia, so away we went!

 This is no man's land...It was quite a walk, but not without rewards!

Click through for a bigger picture!

On the other side of the bridge they did bungee, gorge swing, zip line stuff - amazing view!

Going forth bravely in the footsteps of Livingstone!

 We are getting closer!


It was amazing how close you could get to the falls.

We also caught a taxi to Livingstone town, to try out the famous Mosi beer at Jolly Boys backpackers.
This was very tasty. Though my judgement may have been affected by the heat.

How cool is this? I'm totally going to have this in my house, possibly with a lot more cushions, so I could just jump into it and roll around ^_^ Jolly boys seemed like a really nice place, it was clean, and people were lounging by the pool using wi fi and relaxing.

On new year's eve (our 3rd and last day before we start journeying back), we went to a music festival - the Vic Falls Carnival!

Yay Jeremy Loops! He was in the truck convoy with us, Alex actually heard about this whole trip through his facebook...

Rocking out raaaaw!

Hello 2013! We had a great holiday and wonderful life experience!

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  1. it's look like verry slipeery when you cross the bridge


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