Wednesday, January 23

Vic Falls Overlander Trip Part 2

We were really active this holiday (compared to our other holidays that mainly consisted of drinking and fishing - which is synonymous with drinking anyways). We booked to go river rafting on the Zambezi the very next day of our arrival. Starting at 7am! Yep we were late night partying, drinking and extreme activity maniacs! (Here follows my snort of derision : pffft!) Now for many pictures of us fooling about in boats... 

 It was so beautiful!

The stoic (but positive) face of determination...

Look at us going into a rapid backwards! Weee!

This wasn't us... We didn't flip and I never fell off unintentionally. I'm kind of bummed about that, it looks like fun :D I think its because we were quite light, there was only 7 in our raft. These guys had 10 people so they were in the water a lot of the time... We were the rescue boat! We paddled about after the rapids picking people up :)

It was so much fun! We paddled for about 2 hours! So it was well worth the money. The views were spectacular, and in some quiet patches our guide let us jump out to swim in the river :D The only thing is that you have to be quite fit to climb back up out of the gorge at the end of your journey. I almost died! It was so hot and a very steep climb (for maybe 30mins?) It felt like an eternity! A guide even asked if I was having an asthma attack I was so unfit :p That aside, I highly recommend river rafting, its awesome!

Here's a map of the Zambezi (click for larger view). We paddled from "Overland truck eater" to "The oblivion" in the bottom left corner.

That afternoon, we were taken by train to a party in the bush. Alex and I were so pooped that by about 9pm we were glumly trying to sleep on the train carriage floor. But here's a pretty picture...

Final part (3) to follow!

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