Wednesday, February 6

I'll have the salad please

Urh, well I originally wrote this whole blab about struggling to understand social perceptions of vegetarianism and veganism and my personal experience (somewhat horrible) of unseen pitfalls once I tried labeling myself as vegetarian when I first started having kind of an identity crisis about what I eat. Anyways, I guess it was a clumsy distressed ramble that went nowhere and I'm not ready to discuss it with friends who may have read this post, because I don't know what the heck I'm doing yet. So I've deleted it. Suffice to say that I  discovered this blog (, that really opened my eyes to a different lifestyle which appeals to me, so I've been dabbling in it.
Now look at some food I've been stuffing my face with :)

My new found love of oats :) I like making it with soy milk, I'm not a big fan of that warm milky taste. Sprinkled with toasted flax seeds, sesame and wheatgerm (new nutritious things I learnt about recently)

A super huge tasty sandwich I had for lunch a few weeks back :) Its filled with: Chinese greens, tomatoes, garlic mushrooms, olives, brinjal, tofu and Greek yogurt. I really get too excited and pack too much so my sandwich can hardly close (its even worse with wraps)

I found these nommy glutinous rice balls at the Chinese supermarket. They are really tasty! It has a little chocolate filling with peanuts in the center :) I will definitely buy them again.

I made dahl the one night, but I got impatient and didn't cook it for long enough for the split peas to break down, Gawd it takes forever! It tasted alright though, I had it with some pumpkin and a simple cucumber tomato and olive salad with a wrap. I like how colourful my bowl is :)

Potato pumpkin gnocchi with mushroom parsley sauce. I bought ready made gnocchi - the best gnocchi I've had so far. I always find gnocchi to doughy and it sticks to the roof of my mouth. This was alright, it's got a really strong potato taste which bothered me though. The sauce was tasty.

So far I've been enjoying myself, I have this thing about having colourful food, its pretty awesome.

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