Thursday, June 14

Why I didn't like Where the Wild Things Are

This face terrifies me.

from here

It speaks of uncontrollable rage. I realize there exists a very pure dichotomy of light and dark in children, but I guess Where the Wild Things Are showed me a side to children that I never want to see, much less if it's directed a me, their mother. I wasn't perfect as a child, I had tantrums, I dug my heels in and cried when my Mom wouldn't get me that awesome (to a 5 year old) red coat in the shop window. But my Mom's word was law, and no meant I sucked it up and we carried on walking. There was no getting my own way no matter what I did. Western culture is different. It seems to me that parents are almost afraid of their children, I see them pleading in hushed tones with a tantrum monster whilst glancing around them as if fearing reproach from...Society? Complete strangers? Should they even raise their voices.

Hopefully I will raise my kids much in the same manner as my parents did me. They will do their chores. They will do their best at school, they will learn to play a musical instrument (hey, it greatly reduces your chances of Alzheimer's ok!) and we will sit together every night for supper. I will be strict. I will deal out corporal punishment if needs be, but I will love them beyond words can love.

Oh and here's some doodles I made as an expression of my non-comprehension of the movie... (please don't stone me! I do too have a soul!)

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