Wednesday, October 19

Illustration Friday : Scattered/1000 drawings entry

I thought I would fall off the IF wagon again this week, but this week's word happily coincided with something I was working on for Night of 1000 Drawings (an arty charity initiative). So a bit of a cheat this week. You may recognize my owl from a previous journal doodle and I've been itching to make a more refined version. I was very inspired by Alberto Cerriteno's illustration style.

So expect strong likelihood of scattered strawberry showers this afternoon ^_^


  1. I love the expression on its face. Wonderful! And falling berries? Super idea.

  2. This is awesome I love it so nice to se the progression from your sketch to the final illustration :)

  3. i would love it if it rained strawberries! love the owls expression! :)

  4. Excellent illustration! The strawberries falling from the sky are fantastic. What a great idea this was! :)


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