Monday, October 10

Illustration Friday : Contraption

I have been strangely not busy but very preoccupied for the past week. Here is my Illustration Friday offering, I tried to really focus on lighting and atmosphere, I usually struggle with backgrounds and environments, so its something I want to consider more.

For this week's word "contraption" - I imagined these woolly forest creatures investigating a lamp that some camper left behind, maybe it'll change their lives forever, because they'll no longer be creepy eyes in the dark anymore ^_^


  1. How clever! You have caught their expressions very well, amazing what eyes tell us.

  2. Awwww the little creatures are adorable! Lovely illustation, I especially love the colours you used

  3. What cute creatures!<3 You have expressed the warm light and their wondering faces very well.

  4. Very funny idea and the light is very bright. It really hits my eyes!


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