Wednesday, October 12


Alex and I went to the Safari garden centre this past weekend, it is a gigantic rain forest plant paradise! Complete with a parrot ^_^ I got really excited and started doing my skipping thing! Wee they have a wonderful bonsai section. Some on the trees there were as old as me...and look at how insane those root structures are! I especially liked the forest one, it was like a miniature glade (3rd pic). With the bonsai craze every flippin' supermarket has little trees in pots, it irritates me because after reading up on bonsai, I've seen many that have been badly cut, like their whole trunk lobbed off just so they appear small, and the scar covered up with foliage-bad bad bonsai -ing!)

And lookit! I got to pick my very own bonsai to take home! Alex bought one for me as an extended birthday present (my birthday was in April). AAAAAAAH I am so happy! I will take awesome care if it. It is a Natal wild fig (yay for indigenous plants!), which the internet tells me makes a great beginner's bonsai and is very hardy. You and I little friend, we'll spend many long years together ^_^

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